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July 20th 2024 - 01:48
November 25th, 2005
November 25th, 2005

Telephone Menu Get Out of Jail Free Card

Donīt you just hate it when you try to call a larger company and canīt speak to a human to explain what should be a simple issue? Now here is something useful - someone took the time to go through many common voice menu systems from large companies and found out how to actually speak to a human in as few steps as possible. The list is here: http://paulenglish.com/ivr/ and I include the link for general interest.

In other news, Iīm working on enhancements to this news so that I can display the content on other web sites... it may not sound like much at first - but the possibilities are fairly extensive. For example - soon, this Log will be available on my (soon to be completed) personal web site http://www.scottbaker.ca - which is just a shell at the moment. But the more interestign part will be collecting news (and eventually events) from other sources for display here - so, soo Iīll be abel to have Coast Guard news items showing up on this web site - should we be so interested.

Iīll keep you posted ;)

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