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The Bosunīs Mate Glossary of Terms

The Bosunīs Mate dictionary of Nautical Terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and revised in our attempt to capture as much of the rich yet complicated (and often conflicting) maritime termonology as possible.

You will find an extensive list of information about all sorts of nautical items from sailorīs knots to the sailors themselves, and from ships to the weather patterns of the seas they ply.

Random terms, by category

Abbreviations and Acronyms (41 terms)
The length of a vessel at itīs waterline
The things sailors do (8 terms)
Pay out
To feed out Line, hand over hand - usually over the side of the vessel.
Why say back when you can say aft instead! (20 terms)
The point of the celestial sphere which is directly overhead.
Common sayings and expressions from maritime lore (149 terms)
Said of an object that is secured to another.
The foods of the sea (2 terms)
A disease historically common to seaman, caused by lack of Vitamin C the British Navy started to fight it bu adding lime juice to their water - this was the origin of the slan "Limey"
Various knots both functional and ornamental from the nautical to the ornamental and with both historic and present day value. (12 terms)
1. A speed of one Nautical mile per hour. (6076 feet) per hour.
2. A method of making a Line Fast to an object, another Line, itself, or for ornament.

Bits and bobs from life aboard ship (5 terms)
Heart of Oak
A british naval song wirtten by David Garrick that starts:

īCome cheer up, my lads, ītis to glory we steer,
To add something more to this wonderful yearī

Set to music by Willian Boyce in 1759 and commerating that same year "the year of vistories" or "the wonderful year" as the song proclaims. This is based on the victories at Lagos, Quiberon Bay, and the capture of Quebec - which all occured in that year during the seven years war 1756-63.

It was later a traditional...
Specific sailing maneuvers (33 terms)
To lean out over the side of a smaller sailing vessel to balance it against the force of the wind. In some vessels an apparatus is rigged to assist in leaning our further called a trapeze.
The points of sail and seamanship (76 terms)
A fin or Blade attached under the hull's Stern used for steering.
The parts of ships (131 terms)
An opening in the Deck for entering Below.
Important people and/or their positions in nautical history (14 terms)
Yellow Admiral
A somewhat dirogatory term from the British navy that describes a post-captain that has been promoted to admiral on retirement such that they never served at that rank.

Before 1864 the British fleet was divided into Red, White, and Blue squadrons, with the admirals taking their rank from their squadronal colour. Blue being junior to white which was in turn junior to red.

A Yellow Admiral, therefore did not fit and thus had no real rank at all.

After the Napoleonic War (1803-1815) there ...
Key locations of the maritime world (20 terms)
1. The steering apparatus of a vessel
2. The location on the vessel where the steering controls are located
3. Used as part of an expression to describe the vesselīs handeling characteristics

Rigging components and terms (104 terms)
1. A two masted sailing vessel with the after Mast shorter then the Fore and stepped Abaft the Rudder post.

2. A smaller powered Boat used to provide steerage-way when not under Sail.

Sails, their parts and materials (30 terms)
The After edge of a Fore and Aft Sail.
Types of vessels and some famous examples (22 terms)
1. A specific sailing rig consisting of a vessel with three masts with square sails on all three masts.

2. Possive: "The Ship" to refer to a vessel by here crew - this will sometimes apply to not only the vessel by includes her crew, Gear, and stores as well.

3. May refer to any Boat.

The various spars used aboard ship (6 terms)
A Spar Forward of Bowsprit that supports the Forward most staysails.
The tools of the trade (27 terms)
Material used to seal the seams in a wooden vessel, making it watertight
terms awaiting clasification (36 terms)
none found
Meteorology and its relationship to sailing (7 terms)
Force 8
Gale force wind on the Beaufort Wind Scale
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