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The Bosunīs Mate Glossary of Terms

The Bosunīs Mate dictionary of Nautical Terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and revised in our attempt to capture as much of the rich yet complicated (and often conflicting) maritime termonology as possible.

You will find an extensive list of information about all sorts of nautical items from sailorīs knots to the sailors themselves, and from ships to the weather patterns of the seas they ply.

Random terms, by category

Abbreviations and Acronyms (41 terms)
Used as the primary reference in most GPS receivers and Chart Plotters to indicate velocity. Since GPS estimates speed as a change in position over time the Speed over Ground is the only speed that can be calculated. IE: moving through a Current the SOG is based on speed over the bottom not the relative speed of the vessel through the water.
The things sailors do (8 terms)
A disturbed column of water around and behind a pleasure craft as it makes its way through the water. It includes both the charastic "V" shaped wave pattern and the turbulent wated thrown Back by the propellers.

A detailed look: http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/jul2001/994688283.Ph.r.html

Why say back when you can say aft instead! (20 terms)
1.The Compass Heading of the direction of Forward motion of the vessel.

2. The angle of the vessel relative to the wind when sailing.

3. The largest square Sail on a Mast (called the Course because when sailing with the wind the Heading will be impacted by how best to keep the Course Sail full)

Common sayings and expressions from maritime lore (149 terms)
1. One circle of a Coil or Rope.
2. To Coil or arrange a Rope with each Fake flat, or almost flat, on the Deck, usually in a circle or figure-of-eight pattern - used to ensure a Rope (such as the Anchor hawser) can Pay out quickly without runnign fowl.

The foods of the sea (2 terms)
A disease historically common to seaman, caused by lack of Vitamin C the British Navy started to fight it bu adding lime juice to their water - this was the origin of the slan "Limey"
Various knots both functional and ornamental from the nautical to the ornamental and with both historic and present day value. (12 terms)
A shortening Knot, which enables a Rope to be shortened through a doubling along the length. The Sheepshank will easily untie if tension is not maintained.
Bits and bobs from life aboard ship (5 terms)
Playing by climbing around in the Rigging. Especially when done as high as possible.  
Specific sailing maneuvers (33 terms)
A specific component of the Wake consisting of loose and broken water. It includes water thrown Aft by the Propeller and the waves that roll off the side of the Boat.
The points of sail and seamanship (76 terms)
Hull speed
The theoretical speed that a Boat can travel without planing This speed is 1.34 times the square root of the length of a Boat at its waterline. It is based on the physics of how water is displaced by the vessel:

As speed increases a wave is created near the Bow where water is pushed away (displaced) by the vessel to make room for the Hull, another wave is created near the Stern, as water returns to fill the hole left by the Hull. Physics tells us that as the speed increases, so therefore must...
The parts of ships (131 terms)
Small holes through the Ship sides at Deck level which allow water to drain over the side.
Important people and/or their positions in nautical history (14 terms)
Also Bosun, bos´n, bo´s´n, and bo´sun, all of which are pronounced Bosun. A crew member responsible for keeping the Hull, Rigging and sails in good repair.
Key locations of the maritime world (20 terms)
1) The distance a vessel keeps from shore

2) The part of sea viewable in the distance from shore (beyone any Anchorage) any where vessels would navigate.

Rigging components and terms (104 terms)
Breast Line
A Line attached laterally from a Boat to a Dock, preventing movement away from the Dock.
Sails, their parts and materials (30 terms)
1. The for and Aft rigged Sail set on the Mainmast.

2. The lowest square Sail on the Mainmast.

3. The largest Sail.

Types of vessels and some famous examples (22 terms)
A nickname for British ships coined by the Americans. It referrs to the British regulation that all registered ships had to cary a supply of lime juice and issue the same to the crew to prevent Scurvy.
The various spars used aboard ship (6 terms)
After mast  the 4th Mast on a five or 6 masted Schooner or sailing Ship carrying a spanker, or the mizzen Mast of a Yawl or a Ketch.
The tools of the trade (27 terms)
A tool for opening the strands of a Rope while splicing - typically made from metal but sometimes from wood or bone depending on desired use.
terms awaiting clasification (36 terms)
none found
Meteorology and its relationship to sailing (7 terms)
Force 8
Gale force wind on the Beaufort Wind Scale
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