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The Bosunīs Mate Glossary of Terms

The Bosunīs Mate dictionary of Nautical Terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and revised in our attempt to capture as much of the rich yet complicated (and often conflicting) maritime termonology as possible.

You will find an extensive list of information about all sorts of nautical items from sailorīs knots to the sailors themselves, and from ships to the weather patterns of the seas they ply.

Random terms, by category

Abbreviations and Acronyms (41 terms)
Survival Kit - Air Droppable
The things sailors do (8 terms)
1. To slack a tackle and thereby increase the distance apart of the blocks in that tackle by manually running the Rope backwards through the sheaves.

2. The action of passing another vessel.

3. Sometimes used to refer to a refit of a vessel - inspecting and repaiting propulsion and mechanical systems on Board.

Why say back when you can say aft instead! (20 terms)
Flower of the Winds
A term for the engraving of the wind-rose on early charts and maps, extended after to include the compass-rose on later charts and maps.
Common sayings and expressions from maritime lore (149 terms)
1. Away from the direction from which the wind is blowing.

2. Sheltered from the wind.

The foods of the sea (2 terms)
A favorite dish for the crew of tall ships. It could consist of almost anything, but the propper dish consisted of layers of meat, vegetables, and fish alternating with crusts of bread and/or broken biscuit - affectionately referred to as a Two or Three decker based on the number of layers.
Various knots both functional and ornamental from the nautical to the ornamental and with both historic and present day value. (12 terms)
1) To Secure or bind something using Rope or twine.
Bits and bobs from life aboard ship (5 terms)
Heart of Oak
A british naval song wirtten by David Garrick that starts:

´Come cheer up, my lads, ´tis to glory we steer,
To add something more to this wonderful year´

Set to music by Willian Boyce in 1759 and commerating that same year "the year of vistories" or "the wonderful year" as the song proclaims. This is based on the victories at Lagos, Quiberon Bay, and the capture of Quebec - which all occured in that year during the seven years war 1756-63.

It was l...
Specific sailing maneuvers (33 terms)
To steer the Boat more into the wind, this could have the effect of causing the sails to flap or Luff.
The points of sail and seamanship (76 terms)
1. The establishment of buoys and Buoyage systems.
2. Applied collectively to buoys placed or established.

The parts of ships (131 terms)
The small light sails set above the skysails on square-rigged masts in light winds.
Important people and/or their positions in nautical history (14 terms)
1. Short lengths of Rope marled or braded and used when weighing the Anchor to bind the Cable to the Messenger or Viol. The (usually hemp) Cable was too thick to be brought around the capstain directly, and as such would be bound by the Nippers to the messanger which in turn was taken around the capstain.

2. The Boys or men responsible for working the Nippers were also referred to as Nippers themselves

3. Slings used when hoisting yards that were wet and slippery.

4. A lashed hammock wi...
Key locations of the maritime world (20 terms)
Bosun´s Mate
1) The mate (assistant) to the Bosun

2) One of the world´s foremost nautical web sites bosunsmate.org (you had to know we would do this)

Rigging components and terms (104 terms)
A small wooden batten inserted at the Head of a bermuda Mainsail.
Sails, their parts and materials (30 terms)
The fullness or draught of a Sail.
Types of vessels and some famous examples (22 terms)
A type of Schooner without a Bowsprit.
The various spars used aboard ship (6 terms)
After mast  the 4th Mast on a five or 6 masted Schooner or sailing Ship carrying a spanker, or the mizzen Mast of a Yawl or a Ketch.
The tools of the trade (27 terms)
Tallow held in the recess of a sounding lead to bring up a sample of the sea bed
terms awaiting clasification (36 terms)
none found
Meteorology and its relationship to sailing (7 terms)
A sudden violent blast of wind.
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