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June 22nd 2024 - 16:02
Mug-Up! - the sounds of SALTS
the sounds of SALTS
This page will likely only be of any interest to someone that has actually sailed on a trip with SALTS.

The music (if you can call it that) will probably bring tears to the eyes of anyone that listens to it - but for radically different reasons. On SALTS trips, every night a ship-wide sing-along shatters the peaceful quiet of some unsuspecting bay, harbour, or cove where we happened to have anchored. Listing to these recordings, those who were there will cry with laughter but those who were not will probably cry in pain (well, perhaps it isn't that bad!)

In any regard, for some odd reason I chose to record some of these evenings. Now, for the first time I can present the 'digitally re-mastered' mp3 versions here for you to do with as you will... (the quality is very poor, but equipment at the time and the conditions were far from ideal)

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