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June 22nd 2024 - 14:32

The Bosuns Mate

This site was started by Scott W. Baker in 1992 as a personal exploration of our rich maritime history that was such an inspiration while spending 7 summers crewing on the SALTS tall ships out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Through those voyages, mostly as a Bosunīs Mate, on the fore and aft gaff schooner: Robertson II, square topsail schooner Pacific Swift, brigantine: Spirit of Chemainus, and later adding a few splices to the running backstays of the square topsail schooner Pacific Grace a life long passion was fostered - and continues to grow.
Since then this site has grown, and continues to grow through new experiences with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and the contributions of others, many past and present shipmates from SALTS.

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We encourage others, with interests that follow a similar course, to join us in this journey...

Join Bosunīs Mate and share your thoughts and stories in our on-line sailing forums or contribute your photos to the sailing photos gallery.
The Sail and Life Training Society
This web site, while not directly affiliated with The Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS), finds it roots closely linked to that society. Many of our site members have sailed with SALTS at some point, or are planning to in the future. We encourage you to visit the SALTS web site to find out more about their Sail Training and Offshore programs.

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