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July 25th 2024 - 06:59
Welcome to the Bosun's Mate web site

Bosun's Mate's Log

Bosunsmate.org is Back Online
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January 18th, 2012
On January 18th at 8am PST we intentionally replaced the BosunsMate.org website with a redirect to the #SOPAstrike site effectively disabling our web site for the first time since 1992. This extraordinary action was taken to show support for the thousands of web sites and millions of people who spent the day rallying against this flawed proposed legislation....

Our Nautical World

This site was started by Scott Baker in 1992 as a personal exploration of our rich maritime history after being inspired by spending 7 summers crewing on the SALTS tall ships out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Through those voyages, mostly as a Bosun's Mate, on the fore and aft gaff schooner: Robertson II, square topsail schooner Pacific Swift, brigantine: Spirit of Chemainus, and later adding a few splices to the running backstays of the square topsail schooner Pacific Grace a life long passion was fostered - and continues to grow. Since then this site has, and continues to grow through the contributions of others, many past and present shipmates from SALTS.

News from "The Mate"

October 29th, 2012
October 29th, 2012

HMS Bounty caught in Hurricane Sandy

Crew forced to abandon ship while trying to skirt storm

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Very sad news this morning to hear about the plight HMS Bounty. Ship lost, 14 rescued 1 lost 1 missing at this point.

Article Updated: Oct 30th 1600h more news reports added

Glossary of Nautical Terms

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Formal measurement of a Boat for documentation.

Nautical Terms

Sailing Forums

Meet, Share, and Reminisce

To the right is the latest post to our on-line discussion forums. We have provided these forums, not only as a way for everyone to keep in touch, but also to allow those new to SALTS or sailing in general to meet the 'old timers' or merely find out what it is like to sail on tall ships.

Meet others with similar interests, and share your stories and experiences in our friendly on-line forum.

Sailing Forums

SALTS Sailing Forums

Recent Post:

»by: giudicea on Feb 4 09:39
Im currently invstigating where to enroll to take this course. Im in Ontario and availability seems to be at Georgian College in Owen Sound. Would anyone know if there is another city to take this course?...

View the 'Master Limited 60 Ton Ontario' thread

Sailing Photos

2292 photos viewed 75102090 times - share your sailing photos...

The image on the left was selected at random from our on-line gallery of sailing photos. Help us build a library of photos from SALTS, other tall ships, and sailing from around the world. Join us, submit your photos and help our gallery grow!

Sailing Photos

Attention Shipmates!

I am trying to re-establish contact with as many people as possible that I sailed with in the past. If you sailed on one of the SALTS trips with me, or know someone that did, please drop me a line!
(better yet join us and share in our on-line forums or contribute some photos to the gallery too!)
Have you sailed with this man?
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The Sail and Life Training Society

This web site, while not directly affiliated with The Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS), finds it roots closely linked to that society. Many of our site members have sailed with SALTS at some point, or are planning to in the future. We encourage you to visit the SALTS web site to find out more about their Sail Training and Offshore programs.

International Vessel Tracking:

Bosunsmate.org has created software that allows location positions reported via satellite/email to be plotted on a map.

Follow along as daily reports come in from vessels voluntarily reporting to our tracking system. A Thumbnail view of the track with the most recent reported position is shown.

Vessel Tracking

2012 Trip 5 - Pacific Swift

Tracking Pacific Swift: 9 recorded positions
Position: 48°33'19.80 N 125°27'43.20 W
on August 29th 2012 @ 23:00

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