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October 4th, 2005
October 4th, 2005

Mining Museum

The Worldīs Largest Violin
The Worldīs Largest Violin
Our trip Back to Halifax started with a trip to the Mining Museum in Glace Bay. We had never heard of this - and boy are we glad we met Anik - she had planned the trip and we would have missed out on a treasure beyond description.

The Cape Breton Miners Museum itself is run by a group of people including x-miners and their family members - and affords the visitor the chance to descend into an actual coal mine (as it would have been in the 20īs along with a guide that has lived it.

On the advice of our B&B hosts (now staying at Annīs Victoria B&B in Sidney - also awesome) we watched the history video first and then proceeded over to get some background from our guide Abbie. Abbie had worked in the mines of Cape Bretton for over 25 years and was an amazing story teller - his presentation was compelling - at times heart wrenching - and at other time funny. He was real - genuine. This was not a tourist trap - it was real - mainly because he was real.

He told us About the life, his experiences, his family, and the hardships they all faced. We all sat enthralled for 30,45mins I have no idea how long - it didnīt matter - it was amazing to listen to. Once we had absorbed all he shared we descended into the "Ocean Deeps Coalry" a 1932 Room and Pillar type mine. This was no less amazing - walking stopped over in the 5ī passages as Abbie continued his narrative.

I donīt think either Kellei nor I will ever forget this experience - it was one of those life altering things that crop up from time to time. I canīt really describe it - but I can certainly encourage anyone who is going to that part of the world to make the trip there - spend a few hours - itīs worth it - easily the best "tour" I have had in all memory.

The remainder of our trip down was uneventful by comparison - we are Back in Halifax now staying at a regular hotel now (well ok itīs a really classy 5 star hotel that we got for Government rate) and planning some leisure time around Halifax tomorrow before we return home on Thursday.

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Watering the Underground Garden
Watering the Underground Garden

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