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September 27th 2020 - 01:59

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2012 Trip 5 - Pacific Grace

Total Distance: 162.85nm over 5.08 days
Average distance each day: 32.04nm
Distance from last position : 16.42nm
Last Position:
49°13'42.60 N 125°54'7.20 W
  on August 27th 2012 @ 15:00

Ship's Log:
It rained and it rained and it...rained. Niki told herself that never in all her life, and she was goodness knows how old-23 was it, or four?-never had she seen so much rain.

Today we pushed out of Hot Springs and after a short but bumpy ride we ran into the inside passage of Clayquot Sound. Mist, rain and cloud swirled amongst the conical hills and shaded them in pastel purple hues. We are snugged up in Ritchie Bay beneath the immense lone cone awaiting the arrival of the Swift for an evening of games, singing and comaraderie. Everyone is having a great time crafting, singing and enjoying each other's company.    

anchored, rain, pizza smells

Wind calm

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