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April 20th 2024 - 03:09

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2012 Trip 1 - Pacific Grace

Total Distance: 170.20nm over 5.27 days
Average distance each day: 32.29nm
Distance from last position : 8.27nm
Last Position:
49°31'1.92 N 124°37'26.40 W
  on July 5th 2012 @ 17:30

Ship's Log:
Last night was our first clear night and we treated to a spectacular moonrise. The open strait to the south was painted a deep midnight purple and the peaks of Vancouver Island were brushed with the last pink light of sunset on the snowy tops. The moon rose heavily from the sun cast in a fiery orange light that reflected across the still sea. It was energizing to awake with a clear blue sky heralding a day of warmth and possibility. The morning was occupied with review and testing on the subjects of navigation and seamanship that have been taught over the week. After lunch a generous pull ashore through the calm waters of Tribune Bay brought us to an expansive sand beach. A lengthy (hour and a half) game of sticks was played by the two incredibly matched sides. Credit must go to the port side as they won the war of attrition.  Eagles circle on the rising thermals and the cries echo around the bay on what feels like the first day of summer we have enjoyed on board. It has been a wonderful of fun in the sun and the group continues to grow together.

calm, warm, anchored, summer(finally)

Pressure 1010
Wind calm
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