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2011 Trip 5 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 231.42nm over 6.67 days
Average distance each day: 34.71nm
Distance from last position : 56.15nm
Last Position:
48°54'45.72 N 125°16'48.00 W
  on August 30th 2011 @ 18:00

Ship's Log:
Yesterday we enjoyed a brisk sail and enjoyed the promised hot
springs as advertised.
Port watch was on deck at 0700 to get underway and take advantage of the
forecasted 25-35 knot NW wind. A low bank of fog lurked over the hot
springs mingling with the steam rising from its pools as we slipped from
the cove. The sun broke through the mist in corpuscular rays
illuminating the water where a mother humpback and her small calf
surfaced in the larger swell. The wind was unfortunately not present so
we patiently motored south towards Barkley Sound. The sun was out and
shining by mid morning but still the wind remained calm. The ship had a
lively roll, plunging scupper to scupper but all aboard are now
weathered sailors and took it in stride feeling fine. The wind never
appeared sadly, but we were rewarded with two nice salmon instead at our
moderate cruising speed. While we were eating the first one (hook to
fork in 45 minutes) the second fish was landed, much to the delight of
those who didnt receive seconds. Lessons rounded out the day along with
various secret friend presents being created, mostly out of the lovely
aromatic red cedar found on the beaches weīve visited. As we entered
Barkley Sound we saw several more humpbacks. One curious fellow was
doing "handstands" raising the lower half of his body clear of the water
and waggling has tail about. We are nestled amongst the rocky and cedar
crowded islets of the Broken Group now awaiting a roast beef dinner. The
delicious dinner is part of our ship Sunday festivities, there will also
be a simple service held in the evening. All are well and in good

anchored, sunny, smell of cedar shavings and roast beef

Wind W5
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