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February 19th 2020 - 22:09

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2011 Trip 1 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 227.36nm over 17.25 days
Average distance each day: 13.18nm
Distance from last position : 51.79nm
Last Position:
48°49'2.28 N 123°22'8.40 W
  on July 8th 2011 @ 18:00

Ship's Log:
The gentle tapping of rain on the deck pulled port watch from their bunks at 0545 to get underway for our last long leg south. Through the granite clouds glimpses of sunny peaks on distant Vancouver Island could still be seen. The still waters of Boat Cove slipped behind us as the anchor was raised to the deck and we pushed out into the Strait of Georgia one last time. Following the routine of our last early morning,  full sail was made by 0700 as the first persistent rays of sun escaped the clouds. We rode a fine following breeze south till it fell light around 1400 making between 5-7 knots the majority of the run. There was a palpable sense of ease and community aboard today with groups clustering to study, sing, practice talents,play cards and backgammon and enjoy the presence of their shipmates. Intermediates are putting the hard preparations to the test for their exams.  A game of assassins was played to pass the miles and has nearly reached itīs conclusion as we rest at anchor at the wooded shores of Prevost Island prior to supper. The chill southwesterly wind is familiar greeting on our return to the Gulf Islands.

anchored, sunny, cool

Wind SW8
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