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February 19th 2020 - 22:09

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2011 Trip 3 - Pacific Grace

Total Distance: 357.23nm over 8.13 days
Average distance each day: 43.92nm
Distance from last position : 15.15nm
Last Position:
50°44'9.60 N 127°24'21.60 W
  on August 7th 2011 @ 00:27

Ship's Log:
Great day today as we made our way closer to Port Hardy. Intermediates wrote their exam in the morning after which we set sail to a building NW breeze in Goletas Channel. For the rest of the day we sailed wing on wing making between 7 and 9 knots. With the sun shining it was a wonder sail. We anchored early (1600hrs) as tonight we had plenty planned. Highlights began with dinner which was     a traditional Paella cooked on deck with trainees helping at every stage. Our Paella pan on the Grace is almost 48" in diameter and is 3" deep. This provides enough food for 40 people. After dinner our evening began with a talent show which was truly inspiring. This group on board is very musical and talented in many ways. After the talent show it was time for a surprise dance party. The dance theme was 50īs /60īs so the girls were all dressed accordingly with Bobby socks and pony tail while the guys were cool with their jean and white T shirts. We were well stocked with oldies tunes and powerful speakers which took us late into the night. Great fun for all. Tomorrow we shall meet you in Port Hardy, we as a crew have had a wonderful ten days with your kids. They are extraordinary individuals and have come together to form an extraordinary group, thank you.

Clear, sunny, light wind

Wind NW10
Pressure 1027
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