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February 19th 2020 - 22:08

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2011 Trip 2 - Pacific Grace

Total Distance: 221.39nm over 8.01 days
Average distance each day: 27.63nm
Distance from last position : 6.59nm
Last Position:
48°26'19.32 N 123°14'9.60 W
  on July 23rd 2011 @ 22:20

Ship's Log:
Great day of sun today but unfortunately no wind. As we made our way south from Samuel Island we were treated with an unexpected but thrilling Orca show. We spent about an hour traveling with the whale as we progressed down Haro Strait. Our destination was Chatham Island just outside of Oak Bay. After an afternoon swim and a delicious dinner on deck everyone settled down to enjoy our traditional last night talent show. There were many great acts and endless raucous support for our talented actors, great fun for all. Well tomorrow is the dreaded day. Reluctantly we will make our way home. We as a crew have enjoyed having your young people aboard a great deal. It has been a treat to get to know them as individuals and watch them grow as a community together. Thank you for sharing them with us they are great kids. See you tomorrow.

Calm and clear

Wind W04
Pressure 1024
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