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June 22nd 2018 - 06:28

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2010 Trip 5 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 96.94nm over 4.92 days
Average distance each day: 19.72nm
Distance from last position : 9.47nm
Last Position:
48°52'37.56 N 125°18'57.60 W
  on August 31st 2010 @ 16:30

Ship's Log:
Last night we had a fun mug up followed by some time of sharing and
drawing together as a community.  The rain arrived as well last night
has stayed with us in varying degrees of strength since. After breakfast
we shifted anchorage to the outer rim of the sound in the Broken
Islands. We are snugged up in Effingham Bay under tarps for the
remainder of the day. This morning the junior sailors wrote their exams
and have done very well. The intermediates are hard at work preparing
for their test tomorrow, tackling chartwork problems, tides and other
areas of nautical knowledge. A dory adventure was launched to explore
the outer islands of this wild and spectacular archipelago. The mist
hangs heavily amongst gnarled and weathered trees which cling impossibly
to wind ravaged outcrops of rocks. The principal destination was Dicebox
Island, home of some notorious sea caves. It was a great explore with
stalactites, stalagmites, tidal pools but sadly very little treasure.
This evening we will be treated to a gourmet dinner of roast beef,
smashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, veggies and all the requisite and
sundry fixings. This feast is one way of marking Ship Sunday, later this
evening we will have simple service.

gray, rainy, fog, 15 C, anchored, roast beef gently browning,

Wind calm
Pressure 1014
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