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May 25th 2018 - 15:45

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2010 Trip 3 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 124.18nm over 5.96 days
Average distance each day: 20.84nm
Distance from last position : 4.04nm
Last Position:
50°50'48.12 N 126°51'39.60 W
  on August 6th 2010 @ 18:30

Ship's Log:
This morning we were granted a little sleep-in and had bosun made
pancakes for breakfast. The varnish can in the galley was a little
unnerving, but it was apparently for another endeavour. We ghosted out
of our anchorage under a granite sky, clouds obscuring yesterdays peaks,
to further explore the inlet we are in. We set full sail again and the
trainees are now very comfortable handling the ship and her rigging with
many of them swarming aloft to work the topsails. They are also
completely independent tacking, hauling and loosing lines as we beat up
the narrow channels. The wind died late in the afternoon and we tucked
into a narrow inlet to settle in Napier Bay for the evening. This
afternoon the intermediates wrote their chartwork and navigation safety
exams, all indications are that they will do well as they have applied
themselves very well in their studies and preparations. Everyone is very
relaxed aboard now, with games of cards, dice, backgammon, fishing,
talking, study, craft making all interwoven with pleasant conversation
and companionship. Everyone is well and trying not to look towards Port
Hardy looming on the horizon.

overcast, drizzle, 18 C, anchored

Wind W3
Pressure 1026
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