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May 22nd 2018 - 10:13

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2010 Trip 2 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 141.16nm over 6.00 days
Average distance each day: 23.53nm
Distance from last position : 8.03nm
Last Position:
48°46'36.12 N 123°6'10.80 W
  on July 23rd 2010 @ 18:30

Ship's Log:
We completed our journey south in the Strait of Georgia with one
final sail today. It was another lovely run with sunny skies above and
the green waters of the Fraser below. We had an exciting time pushing
through the current races at East Point before lowering and making for
anchor in Narvaez Bay. The juniors went ashore to explore while the
intermediates stayed to write their exams. Ashore we climbed up to the
view point at Monarch Head just in time to see a pod of orcas swim past.
We were perched atop cliffs from which we gazed from Mt. Baker over
towards Sidney taking in a vista of the San Juan Islands. After hiking
down the hill we checked out the caves and rock formations at Echo Bay
before returning for dinner.

sunny, 22 C, anchored

Wind calm
Pressure 1026
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