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May 22nd 2018 - 10:28

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2010 Trip 1 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 109.88nm over 4.04 days
Average distance each day: 27.22nm
Distance from last position : 0.00nm
Last Position:
48°46'35.76 N 123°6'10.80 W
  on July 9th 2010 @ 19:23

Ship's Log:
Sleep was rubbed from the eyes of starboard watch as they rose early
at 0550 to get underway for the long run south to the Gulf Islands. The
golden morning sun was just kissing the steep shores of Texada while
bald eagles glided bye in the building breeze, to the sound of the
anchor being hove in the hawse. Once under way square sails were set to
the favourable breeze by the morning watch. All hands were called
between breakfast sittings to set the main and maintopsail to gather all
possible speed on the southward journey. Inspired by the fresh breeze
and miles ahead, hands led by first mate Matt set to spreading more
canvas, creative arrangements were made of the dory sail and a
jury-rigged spritsail was spread foreward, every stitch pulling for
home. It was a lovely sail, surging along under sunshine and a warm
fresh breeze.  The breeze stopped abruptly shortly after crossing the
vivid outflow where the Fraser River mixes into the straight. We motored
the final short hop to Narvaez Bay on Saturna Island. It is another
beautiful calm anchorage whose dominant feature is a crystal clear view
of Mt. Baker and its foothills slowly changing colour in the lowering

overcast, 22 C, anchored


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