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June 24th 2018 - 07:29

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2010 Trip 2 - Pacific Grace

Total Distance: 135.14nm over 5.78 days
Average distance each day: 23.39nm
Distance from last position : 17.82nm
Last Position:
48°53'17.88 N 123°29'16.80 W
  on July 24th 2010 @ 08:30

Ship's Log:
Once again clear and warm. Boat Sunday dinner went well at our quiet anchorage near the north end of Pylades Channel. We had Sunday service on deck as the sun was setting. Yesterday was our sleep in day so bodies did not stir until 0900hrs which was when our bosun, second mate and volunteer had breakfast ready. These three had decided to give the cook the morning off. They did a masterful job preparing pancakes, hash browns, sausages and plenty of whipped cream and other delicious toppings. With breakfast finished we set sail and began a lazy sail south slowly making our way closer to Victoria. We anchored for the evening at Walkers Hook on Saltspring Islandīs east coast. Two swims berore supper and agin we enjoyed a spectacular sunset as mugup games began. Today we will make our way down to the Chatham Island area so that we are within range of Victoria for the tenth day. Secret Friends are busy making thier final gifts and getting ready to reveal the secrets tonight at mugup. Tonight is also our talent night so for the last couple of days we have seen hints of different acts taking shape  in advance. Most are already lamenting the fact that we only have a limited time left together, a good sign.


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