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June 22nd 2024 - 15:40

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Pacific Grace Trip 5 2008

Total Distance: 278.91nm over 7.46 days
Average distance each day: 37.40nm
Distance from last position : 38.84nm
Last Position:
48°20'12.12 N 123°32'52.80 W
  on August 28th 2008 @ 22:00

Ship's Log:
We left our anchorage at 1000hrs this morning and enjoyed a calm run down the strait. It was with sadness that we finally left the great Pacific swell behind. Life seems to be less when the motion stops and the sea is still. All day we were treated to spectacular views of large swells crashing onto exposed areas of the outer coast. Halfway down the strait our sky cleared and the sun made a welcome appearance. Taking advantage of the calm weather and slack tide we manoeuvred close into the light house at Race Rocks. A very unique light in that all the granite used to construct the tower made its way to our coast as ballast in the hold of a sailing ship from Scotland. Large blocks are clearly visible from a short distance away. Large Stellar sea lions also occupy the outlying rocks near the light and our presence triggered great roars and head bobs from the resident bull. Our anchorage for the night is up towards the head of Pedder Bay. Very calm and stunning with the scents and views of the nearby forest.  Tonight was "talent night" with an unprecedented 17 acts. Gales of laughter could be heard well into the night in response to the gifted performers. All are down below now singing together for one last time. Our trip has been rewarding in many ways. New friends have been made, some have come out of their shells and all have grown closer as a community. Parents, you have wonderful children, we have enjoyed having them aboard. See you all tomorrow.  Tony

Cloudy with sunny periods

Pressure 1030
Wind SW10
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