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April 20th 2024 - 03:15

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Pacific Grace Trip 4 2008

Total Distance: 201.04nm over 8.01 days
Average distance each day: 25.09nm
Distance from last position : 8.71nm
Last Position:
49°1'18.12 N 125°20'60.00 W
  on August 15th 2008 @ 21:00

Ship's Log:
A slow morning today with the SALTS store opening after breakfast and us not leaving the anchorage until 1100hrs. We spent the rest of the day sailing with full sail all through the islands of Barkley Sound. We had the chance to sail every point of sail including a long period of running with both topsails flying. Old fisherman called this "readin both pages" as the main is out to one side and the fore out to the other forming what looks like a book out in front of everyone. This point of sail is also what is represented on the SALTS logo, symbolizing the balance we are trying to achieve between our physical and spiritual selves. Our sail came to an idyllic end as we slid into Toquart Bay and anchored under sail, a very peaceful end to a perfect day. Before supper all enjoyed a swim in the warm waters of upper Barkley Sound, warm enough to remain in the water for over 20 min. A delicious dinner of curried chicken, rice and veggies rounded out our day. As we meet one last time for mug-up in the hold some are feeling that the trip has gone much too fast and would like to continue for longer. A good sign after a great trip. Thank you parents for lending us your kids for this short period. They are wonderful young people, full of life. We have enjoyed their company.

Mainly Sunny

Pressure 1028
Wind NW10
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