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July 25th 2024 - 06:38

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Trip 5 2007 - Pacific Swift

49 degrees 03 min N

125 degrees 55.5 min W

Speed 6 knots

Observation - sailing cloudy

Course - 305 degrees true


Day 1 started with a typical west coast rain as trainees were brought on board, orientated and assigned their watches and bunks.  We slipped lines at 14:00 and headed up into the slough just off Ucluelet. Taking advantage of the last of the low pressure system moving through we set square sails before the light south easterly wind.  As the day progressed some tummies got a little bit worse, but a breeze picked up to the point where we were sailing under full squares main and main topsail making 6 knots and welcomed by a breaching humpback whale.  Weīre settling in and hoping to make the best of the sail through the night tonight in hopes of reaching Brooks Peninsula sometime tomorrow.  All hands are well if a little bit seasick.  The sun is starting to come out and peopleīs outlooks are rising with it. Best regards, thank you, Skipper John signing off.

Total Distance: 0.00nm over 0.00 days
Average distance each day: 0.00nm
Distance from last position : 0.00nm
Last Position:
48°55'59.88 N 125°31'58.80 W
  on August 20th 2007 @ 11:30

Ship's Log:
Note: Updates from Pacific Swift will be less frequent during summer trips 4 and 5. The updates require cell phone coverage, which is inconsistent on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


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