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Pacific Odyssey - Leg 4

Fiji to Papua New Guinea - for more information see http://www.salts.ca/010_SALTS_odyssey.htm

Total Distance: NaNnm over 75.02 days
Average distance each day: NaNnm
Distance from last position : 3.16nm
Last Position:
5°12'36.00 S 145°48'0.00 E
  on December 27th 2007 @ 22:30

Ship's Log:
We woke up early to a beautifully clear, hot and calm morning.  By 0700
hrs people were swimming in the ocean.  Tavish, Simon, Jacob and I were
hanging around the anchor chain, chatting and enjoying a good moment.  We
were reminding ourselves to appreciate these times as soon, everything woul=
change.  Tav is returning home after 7 months on the Pacific Grace and the
ship will be slowly heading north to cooler and more unfamiliar waters and
cultures. The water and the sky melded into each other and the horizon was
barely visible from our =8Cfloat point=B9 in the water.  Breakfast was at 0800
hrs and then we raised anchor and headed back to Madang and the dock. We
were remembering how strange it felt the first time we came into Madang.
Now it=B9s like home and we know what to expect.  The day was spent packing
bags and finishing off loose ends.  Many trainees are continuing their
travels in Australia or New Zealand.  Some are returning home, while others
are remaining with us on the ship.  The mood was calm, relaxed, and
peaceful.   It has made a huge difference to the overall feeling in the
group that we left Madang and found a place where we could be uninterrupted
and together for the few last days.  It was easier to imagine that the leg
could go on for awhile longer and forget the impending leg end.  Many crew
and remaining trainees were writing letters and preparing packages to be
sent home with returning trainees for family and friends.  The general mood
was good.  Tonight we all had supper together on deck and then everyone wen=
to the pool for a final game of water polo and drinks. Tomorrow will be a
sad day. A group of 8 trainees are leaving at 0545 hrs on a shuttle to the
airport.  Their flight will take them to Port Moresby for departing
International flights later in the day.  The crew and remaining trainees
will stay on the ship to say good bye to trainees leaving later in the day.
Skipper was able to send the detailed logs for December 24th and 25th.   In
the December 25th log we sent personal Christmas wishes to everyone.  Jorda=
was distracted somewhere and still sends the best of Christmas wishes to hi=
parents and siblings.  =B3Mum and Dad, Merry Christmas you guys and thanks fo=
all your love and support.  It makes the hardest days great days. Many hugs
from afar, Jordan PS. =8CSailor=B9s wife?=B9=B2
I think this is it. The boat is quiet as the trainees and crew are still
together at the pool.  For those expecting trainees home in the next few
days, enjoy them, we sure did.  Have fun listening to their many, many
incredible stories and looking at their photos.  Until tomorrow, good night=

hot and sunny, flat calm

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