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2012 Trip 3 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 280.62nm over 8.50 days
Average distance each day: 33.01nm
Distance from last position : 30.27nm
Last Position:
51°6'14.40 N 127°40'58.80 W
  on August 4th 2012 @ 23:00

Ship's Log:
] I have given the position of our most northern point reached during this voyage. Last night was spent in Allison Harbour NW from Tracey Harbour. We had "Boat Sunday" yesterday and enjoyed a Sunday service together after dinner under the stars as the sun went down. Today we left Allison Harbour and moved a bit further north to one of this coasts many isolated beaches. Burnett Bay lies just south of Cape Caution and is not usually accessible due to its exposure to the sea from the west. With today's forecast of calm weather for the morning we decided to give Burnett a try. Our passage from Allison was in complete fog. Dense fog remained until we had shuttled all the trainees ashore. Even though we were only 700 feet from shore nothing could be seen from the boat. Shortly after arriving on the beach the fog cleared and the beauty of this beach and general area was revealed in all its splendour . Everyone enjoyed a great visit ashore and were back to the boat in time to set sail as the wind had started to build. With all back on board we enjoyed a memorable sail south to our present anchorage in the Walker Islands just 10 miles from Port Hardy. We have been treated with stunning vistas of the BC coast, Orca whales playing off our bow, eagles salmon fishing in the currents of Yuculta Rapids and a "whale a day" for the last couple of days with Grays and Humpbacks coming to visit. Our group is one of the closest groups we have had the pleasure of sailing with. So encouraging, inclusive and genuinely interested in each other. Our trip has gone much to quickly and day one at the same time seems so far away. Everyone has grown in some way and is returning home with memories and friendships that will last a long time. Many thanks to the trainees of trip 3, 2012, you are a unique and delightful group of individuals.

Clear with moderate NW wind

Wind NW15

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