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April 20th 2024 - 02:38

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2012 Trip 2 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 232.05nm over 7.42 days
Average distance each day: 31.29nm
Distance from last position : 13.08nm
Last Position:
48°54'10.08 N 123°24'54.00 W
  on July 20th 2012 @ 21:00

Ship's Log:
Trip 2 - Day 8. Finally some wind! Setting the Main, Fore, Staysīl  and Jib off of Pilkey Pt. we beat our way south down Trincomali Channel in a freshening SE wind. With the Jib lowered we weaved our way through the traffic that naturally occurs off Porlier Pass at slack water, including a tug and tow, and numerous pleasure craft. All hands did well in handle the headsīl sheets through multiply tacks and in dousing sail once we could no longer make due to the tide. At anchor in Montague Hrb. the trainees participate in skits and the usual hearty singing. The group has bonded well and has been wonderful to be around! All are well.


Wind SE8

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