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June 6th 2020 - 06:20

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Pacific Grace 2003 Leg 1

The first leg of the 2003 offshore:

Victoria BC Canada to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
September 13 to November 13, 2003

The Sail and Life Training Society is a veteran of four previous deep sea adventures. This will be the first visit of the Pacific Grace to many of the countries, ports and remote communities which are familiar to the Graceīs sister training ship, the Pacific Swift. The voyage will be comprised of four distinct legs.Trainees may apply for one or more legs with no restriction as to numbers of legs except for availability at the time of application. Each leg will consist of several intermediate stops between ports of arrival or departure; however, these stops are subject to prevailing weather and the political situation and may be increased or eliminated at the discretion of the shipīs master.


Total Distance: 2698.40nm over 55.52 days
Average distance each day: 48.60nm
Distance from last position : 62.28nm
Last Position:
20°23'24.00 N 105°9'0.00 W
  on November 8th 2003 @ 23:15

Ship's Log:
Arrived in P.V. at about 1200hrs local time and had to wait until 1900 to have enough water to be able to enter the channel leading into the harbour. As it was we entered with only 2ī of water under the keel.

We are now safely tide up at a great facility known as Marina Vallarta. We enjoyed the treasured moment of recieving mail from our shipping agent and look forward to a great week ahead preparing for the next leg.

Calm, clear

Pressure B1020
Wind N10
Email processed: 2003-11-09 00:30:01

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