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June 6th 2020 - 07:49

James Craig - Sydney to Hobart

Track the 1874 Barque James Craig as she sails from Sydney to Hobart
tracking : 16 recorded positions
Last Position:
37°4'12.00 S 149°54'0.00 E
  on February 26th 2005 @ 01:00

Heading 235°
Ship's Log:
Eden is a little paradise nestled around Twofold Bay. The main
industries are fishing, tourism and timber, and it has a particularly
interesting history of the whaling industry.  Whaling began here in the
early 1800s when men risked their lives in small boats using hand-held
harpoons to catch the great beasts.  In the 1920s whalers were assisted by
īOld Tomī and his pod,  killer whales who would lead the fishermen to the
humpback and sperm whales as they cruised past on their way up the coast.
Old Tom would even grab the boatīs painter (rope) and tow them out to the
whales if he didnīt think they were rowing fast enough! Tom and his matesī
reward was the tongue and lips of the whale. The tongue of a sperm whale
could weigh up to 4 tons.
When Old Tom died in 1931 his skeleton was preserved and is now on display
in the Eden Killer Whale Museum. You can see for yourself where Tomīs teeth
are worn from towing the boatīs painter. With his death the whaling industry
in the district also died, and whaling was made illegal in Australia in
1978. Their numbers are rising again now, and every October Eden holds a
īWhale Festivalī with live music and numerous other activities to coincide
with the migration of whales along the coast, which can be clearly seen from
the cliff tops.
After a night on the town and a lazy morning, we set sail at 1400. The
locals gave us three cheers and invited James Craig to return in October for
the Whale Festival. We now make our way north with the promise of a fair
wind from our friends in the weather bureau.


Wind calm
Pressure B1027
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