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August 25th 2019 - 06:56

2011 Trip 5 - Pacific Grace

tracking Pacific Grace: 9 recorded positions
Last Position:
48°33'31.32 N 124°25'30.00 W
  on August 31st 2011 @ 22:35

Ship's Log:
An earlier start today at 0700hrs. We had a bit of a run to do to make it into the Straits of Juan de Fuca. It is with reluctant spirits that we enter the strait as this means the motion stops (little or no swell) and in some way it feels that a bit of life is being left out on the exposed coast. One definitely feels the exposure when traveling on the west coast of Vancouver Island and in a way this seems to heighten your senses and give a greater fullness to life. Some of the Pilots or Sailing Directions caution Mariners to ”avoid this coast if possible due to it´s rugged exposed coast, large seas and strong tides”. With this rawness there is a beauty that you don´t normal experience on the inside coast. Even new trainees that have never been to sea comment on it´s beauty and how stunning some of the views are. Anyway we are headed home and tonight will be spent off of Port Renfrew in Port San Juan one of the first real anchorage options once inside the strait. We had a lovely sail today with the light afternoon westerly. It allowed us to set sail near Tsusiat falls on the west coast trail and sail to our anchorage, anchoring under sail just before supper. I did forget to mention yesterday that we treated to a thrilling sight as we ate our dinner on deck at anchor. Just as we were finishing supper a black bear emerged from the forest 200 feet behind us on the beach. Everyone enjoyed watching as the bear sauntered along the beach nibbling at treat it found amongst the rocks. All are well and tomorrow we will continue on a course taking us nearer to Victoria. 

Again calm and clear with a light swell.

Pressure 1028
Wind NW00
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