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April 20th 2024 - 03:01

2010 Trip 5 - Pacific Grace

tracking Pacific Grace: 7 recorded positions
Last Position:
48°19'54.12 N 123°37'4.80 W
  on September 1st 2010 @ 22:15

Ship's Log:
Today we had a late start as breakfast was a one sitting
breakfast after a great sleep in morning. Everyone slept soundly until 0930hrs
then rose to enjoy pancakes, bacon, fruit and all the toppings. Intermediates
wrote their test this morning after which we weighed anchor and got underway in
time to make use of a lovely 20kt westerly that allowed us to sail wing on wing
averaging 7-9 kts. Our course was east in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. With the
day being as clear as it was our view of the Olympic Peninsula on the right and
Vancouver Island to the left was second to none. This wind carried us to our
anchorage within Becher Bay. Our day would not be complete without the standard
whale show so about halfway down the strait a pod of Orcaīs swam over to the
Grace to welcome us in from the west coast. Once anchored we were treated to a
delicious roast beef dinner complete with yorkshire pudding. Everyone is below
now singing very boisterously after a great day of

Clear with a delightful west wind all day

Wind NE10
Pressure 1028
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