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February 23rd 2020 - 17:26

2010 Trip 5 - Pacific Grace

tracking Pacific Grace: 7 recorded positions
Last Position:
48°33'18.00 N 124°27'46.80 W
  on August 31st 2010 @ 22:45

Ship's Log:
Today was a travel day. We have received weather reports predicting contrary weather (SE) so our goal was to get inside the Strait of Juan de Fuca where weather and sea conditions are less of a concern if things turn against us. Most of today was spent in the dense fog, motoring south as the wind was calm between systems. We did have many whale sightings once again which we all enjoyed. Anchoring at 2200hrs near the south end of the West Coast Trail we are looking forward to the new view tomorrow morning. After a sleep in followed by a pancake breakfast final testing will commence and we will make some more progress south towards home. All are well.

Overcast with fog on and off, little wind


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