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Pacific Grace Trip 5 2008

tracking Pacific Grace: 8 recorded positions
Last Position:
48°33'18.00 N 124°27'54.00 W
  on August 27th 2008 @ 22:00

Ship's Log:
Tonight is only the second time we have shared an anchorage with the
Swift. Both boats made their way to Port San Juan tonight after taking
advantage of another break in the weather. We had a "rolly" day today as we
motored south in light winds. Early in the morning there was still a 3m sea
registering at La Peīrouse bank bouy just offshore so we set fore and jumbo
to slow down the roll. Intermediates had their review today and our smoker
was running full tilt loaded with freshly brined salmon and halibut.
Thankfully the rain held off for most of the day and only arrived as a fine
mist when we dropped anchor around 2000hrs just in time to enjoy the first
fruits of the smoker. Our gang is in great spirits and very creative tonight
with "tuck and tidy" antics. Each night guys and girls compete against each
other to have the tidiest area. Pretty much everything goes. We have had all
variety of skits, poetry, mood lighting, we even once had the boys dressed
as Romans, in togas [bed sheets], reciting wise words in the focsle. Tonight
we had a visitor lowered through the skylight on a harness [Mission
Impossible style] followed by a song, well performed by three gentlemen in
the head. Then it was off to the focsle for a gymnastic display, a lovely
poem and a mermaid in the head combing her hair with a fork. I believe the
boys won tonight so tomorrow the girls have agreed to do all the dishes for
the day. Girls might have the last laugh though as winning the day before
granted them the prize opportunity to "fire hose" the boys tomorrow as well.
Yes, just another day aboard the Grace. All are well and are a seamless
community by this point in our voyage. Tony

Overcast with rain

Wind SE10
Pressure 1030
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