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May 17th 2024 - 23:20

Pacific Swift Trip 5 2008

tracking Pacific Swift: 8 recorded positions
Last Position:
48°52'37.20 N 125°19'1.20 W
  on August 26th 2008 @ 17:00

Ship's Log:
In honour of shipboard Sunday we had a small sleep-in and fresh
cinnamon buns. After dishes the dories were manned and an expedition
launched to explore the Broken Islands and explore some sea caves. It
was a resounding success as several caves were discovered and the
watches took turns exploring their depths. The beauty of the islands is
very evident as you get to closely examine their rugged shores
interspersed with small pocket beaches. The afternoon has been dedicated
to writing exams and completing oral tests. This evening will be
rounded out be a scrumptious roast beef, mashed potato and yorkshire
pudding dinner, followed by some games then a Sunday service.

anchored, rainy, cool

Pressure 1000
Wind SE10
Email processed: 2008-08-26 18:12:03

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