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February 19th 2020 - 22:11

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2011 Trip 3 - Pacific Grace

Log of Pacific Grace

July 29th 2011 @ 21:15
48°15'11.88 N 123°23'52.80 W

Ship's Log:
Great day today, already we can see a great group developing on board for trip 3. Everyone is hanging out as a group and veteran trainees are giving newcomers a warm welcome. We are presently motoring north in Georgian Strait enjoying a spectacular sunset. Our destination is Savary Island just north of Powell River. Savary is on the doorstep of Desolation Sound. Our wind is forecasted to come up tomorrow from the SE which would be delightful.
Soccer on the beach at Savary is our present plan. All are well.

Calm, clear
July 30th 2011 @ 22:00
49°57'3.60 N 124°46'48.00 W

Ship's Log:
Our wind came up by 0730hrs this morning which allowed us to continue our way to Savary Island under sail. After lessons and lunch were out of the way everyone was off to the beach for the afternoon. Games, free time and a quick store stop rounded out the day.
Our group continues to be strong as a unit together. Wether ashore or on the boat they are always together as a group, wonderful to see. All are well and looking forward to sailing and lake swimming tomorrow.

Partly overcast with the odd shower.
July 31st 2011 @ 21:15
50°11'51.00 N 124°50'56.40 W

Ship's Log:
This morning began by sailing off our anchor with a lovely 15kt breeze. We spent the next 4 hrs with all topsails and fisherman beating our way north to Teakerne Arm. We were fortunate enough to have a couple friends sailing alongside us for most of the day. Both were former bosunīs for SALTS years ago. Steve  and Barb Mohan aboard Carlotta and Jim and Gerrimae aboard Miryka-Violet. All three boats traditional in design. Our afternoon was spent swimming in Cassel Lake and showering in the falls. The fresh water was a welcome treat.

Clear and calm
August 2nd 2011 @ 14:33
50°35'1.68 N 126°55'44.40 W

Ship's Log:
Yesterday was a calm day so we decided to make tracks north before the NW wind returns. Our course led us up and through the picturesque inlets of Hole in the Wall, Okisollo Channel and Johnstone Strait. All stunningly beautiful. Lessons and on board games led the day. We have just finished a thrilling soccer game on the local school field at Alert Bay. Our plan is to depart soon and continue north. All are well.

Partly overcast and calm
August 3rd 2011 @ 19:55
51°39'22.32 N 128°7'1.20 W

Ship's Log:
Today was one of those idyllic days that do not come around very often. We continued running north from Alert Bay yesterday as the wind was calm. At 0500hrs we arrived at the northern end of Calvert Island which lies about 60 miles north of Port Hardy. Calvert has one of the nicest beaches on the coast and our goal was to be on that beach today with the forecasted sun. We arrived on the beach near 1000hrs very near low tide. This beach is like Long Beach near Tofino. A large white sand beach that we had to ourselves, delightful. Games were played, formal and informal, people swam and body surfed while others went for long walks down the beach chatting.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Back on the Grace by 1400hrs we were headed to a notoriously hot fishing spot to try our luck. Forty five minutes was all we needed to secure the cherished Salmon we were looking for, great excitement all around. As the wind had been building all day we were lured out to sea for a wonderful sail through the gentle Pacific offshore swell. Setting sail off the fishing grounds we headed offshore to an outlying group of rocks to try old style Fishing Schooner jigging. After an hour of sailing we hove to (adjusted the sails so the boat would hold its position) and began jigging. Once again the productive west coast came through  and within 30 minutes there was enough cod on deck for our next meal. Fish on deck we sheeted the jib in trimmed the main and were off once again sailing towards our present anchorage of Pruth Bay on the North end of Calvert Island. The sun is setting and there are many smiling sun tanned faces up on deck enjoying the final hours of this spectacular day. Yes all are very well and looking forward to mug up (Salmon on the menu) and then their bunks.

Clear skies, warm temperatures and light NW
August 3rd 2011 @ 22:00
51°28'16.32 N 128°0'21.60 W

Ship's Log:
Today was our sleep in day so most were sound asleep until 0915hrs. Kailey our cook was up earlier making our traditional sleep in breakfast of banana pancakes with peaches and whipped cream, bacon and oranges on the side, delicious. We had a short run today down to the south end of Calvert Island and are presently anchored in Chic Chic Bay, lovely name donīt you think. Before leaving the northern end of the island we retrieved our crab trap which had been set last night by Jacob, Noah and Alex. To everyoneīs surprise the boys returned to the boat this morning with 14 large Dungeness crabs. Everyone was thrilled and participated in preparing the crabs for cooking. As today was boat Sunday we enjoyed roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, gravy and salad for dinner. Oh yes and before dinner our appetizer was fresh crab dipped in garlic butter. Tough life, we know. After dinner we had Sunday service on deck looking out over the vast Pacific. As there is stiff NW wind forecasted for tomorrow we are all looking forward to a good sail southward making our way closer to Port Hardy.

Light overcast and calm
August 5th 2011 @ 20:45
50°51'32.40 N 127°45'14.40 W

Ship's Log:
Our forecasted NW wind arrived on schedule this morning just after breakfast. We set sail at 0900hrs to a beautiful 20kt NW wind which carried us on a broad reach south to our anchorage for the night. Most of our day was spent sailing at 8 to 10 kts with clear skies and regular visits from Humpback whales. Every hour or so a different whale would arrive and give us a thrilling show. We had numerous tail slaps, partial breaches and two complete, whale out of the water breaches that were heart stopping for all to see. Ever since our arrival at the southern Calvert Island anchorage we have had a whale or two near enough to watch and marvel at. We anchored in Loquillilla Bay on Nigei Island and have just started mug up. All are busy with a Grace version of the Olympics, all I can hear from below are gales of laughter and shouts of encouragement. What a treat to see a group of young people full of such joy and working so close as a team. All are well after a very full day on the water.

Clear and nearly calm
August 7th 2011 @ 00:27
50°44'9.60 N 127°24'21.60 W

Ship's Log:
Great day today as we made our way closer to Port Hardy. Intermediates wrote their exam in the morning after which we set sail to a building NW breeze in Goletas Channel. For the rest of the day we sailed wing on wing making between 7 and 9 knots. With the sun shining it was a wonder sail. We anchored early (1600hrs) as tonight we had plenty planned. Highlights began with dinner which was     a traditional Paella cooked on deck with trainees helping at every stage. Our Paella pan on the Grace is almost 48" in diameter and is 3" deep. This provides enough food for 40 people. After dinner our evening began with a talent show which was truly inspiring. This group on board is very musical and talented in many ways. After the talent show it was time for a surprise dance party. The dance theme was 50īs /60īs so the girls were all dressed accordingly with Bobby socks and pony tail while the guys were cool with their jean and white T shirts. We were well stocked with oldies tunes and powerful speakers which took us late into the night. Great fun for all. Tomorrow we shall meet you in Port Hardy, we as a crew have had a wonderful ten days with your kids. They are extraordinary individuals and have come together to form an extraordinary group, thank you.

Clear, sunny, light wind

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