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February 19th 2020 - 22:10

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2011 Trip 1 - Pacific Grace

Log of Pacific Grace

June 22nd 2011 @ 12:00
48°25'45.84 N 123°22'22.80 W

Speed 1010

Ship's Log:
In Port

July 1st 2011 @ 12:00
48°49'41.88 N 123°20'42.00 W

Speed 1010

Ship's Log:
Enjoyed a whale show - Orcas - just before entering Active Pass. Motored through the calm night as we made our way northward.

beautiful sunny day.
Wind calm.
July 2nd 2011 @ 12:00
50°7'33.60 N 124°41'49.20 W

Speed 1010

Ship's Log:
Arrived at Tenedos Bay (our first anchorage) just after breakfast.  
Every one enjoyed a swim in the refreshing waters of Unwin Lake - just what the doctor ordered after our night run.
Post lunch and lessons we moved to Roscoe Bay

Wind Calm
Sky overcast
July 2nd 2011 @ 13:00
50°9'46.44 N 124°45'18.00 W

Speed 5

Ship's Log:
On route we successfully carried out a Man Overboard drill.

July 3rd 2011 @ 19:49
49°57'1.80 N 124°46'44.40 W

Ship's Log:
Our first opportunity to sail was enjoyed by all, as we transited from Roscoe Bay to Savary Island. Once at anchor in Keefer Bay, we launched the dories and headed to Savaryīs sandy shores to stretch our legs and play some games.

Sky mostly clear.
July 5th 2011 @ 11:50
50°8'57.48 N 124°53'24.00 W

Speed 6.5

Ship's Log:
Once leaving Savary Island (July 4) we pulled in our first batch of prawns, 96 in total. With a light southern breeze we set sail and ran our way north up Lewis Channel for anchorage in Teakerne Arm off the falls of Cassel Lake. All hands enjoyed a swim in the lake before supper and Mug Up with our friends from the Swift.

This morning after breakfast we all enjoyed the cleansing power of the falls before weighing anchor.

Sky clear.
July 5th 2011 @ 22:40
50°3'21.24 N 124°55'30.00 W

Ship's Log:
After a lovely sail in company with our friends on the Pacific Swift we arrived at our anchorage just south of Cortes Bay on Cortes Island. After a beautifully warm day we hope that it is safe to say that summer has arrived.

sky clear
July 6th 2011 @ 20:43
49°31'7.32 N 124°37'22.80 W

Ship's Log:
We all had a great time celebrating Nathanīs birthday last night. The cooks added to to the festivities with a wonderful Black Forest cake. We got under way from Cortez Island this morning just as second sitting for breakfast was starting. Once south of  Mitlenatch Island we set sail with many trainees taking on added responsibilities putting to use their newly acquired skills.  We arrived at our anchorage in Tribune Bay, Hornby Island in time for a quick trip to the beach and a swim.

Sky mostly clear

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