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June 24th 2018 - 07:28

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2010 Trip 2 - Pacific Grace

Log of Pacific Grace

July 18th 2010 @ 13:50
50°3'54.00 N 123°49'33.60 W

Heading 208°
Speed 5

Ship's Log:
Hello everyone, yes we are alive and well! We made the choice to make
use of the great weather and head up Jervis Inlet to Chatterbox falls at the
head of Princess Louisa Inlet. Up there our communication system has trouble
seeing beyond the 6000 foot surrounding peaks to get a signal. Our first day
was spent traveling up through the Gulf Islands to Porlier Pass which was
our entry point to the Georgia Strait. Wonderfully warm weather and clear
skies were enjoyed all day. Lessons began and everyone began the process of
getting to know each other. This trip is unique in the sense that we have
only one repeat trainee all the rest are new. This dynamic adds a certain
amount of excitement to everything we do as "everything is new". Our trip up
the strait through the night was delightful! Exquisit sunset, calm seas and
remarkable displays of phosphoresence as we made our way north. We entered
Princess Louisa Inlet near noon on the second day, anchored, launched dories
and began exploring the huge Chatterbox Falls. Swimming in the lower reaches
of the stream was very invigorating and refreshing. Returning to the boat
lessons were taught and the rope wing was set up for all to enjoy. Swinging
into the warm (18 degree) waters of the inlet lasted for hours. As the sun
headed down over the surrounding mountains the barbecue was teasing everyone
with fresh burgers cooking. A great mug up and off to bed. Today we had time
for one more round of the rope swing before having to make the tide at the
narrows which mark the entry to the inlet. Presently we are making our way
down Jervis Inlet and will then turn north towards Desolation Sound. All are
well and enjoying the superb weather.

July 20th 2010 @ 12:00
50°11'52.80 N 124°50'52.80 W

Ship's Log:
As we neared the bottom of Jervis inlet on the
third day we were greeted with a lovely breeze which allowed us to set sail
around 1600hrs. We continued sailing towards the enterance of the inlet until
2100hrs. This sail was idyllic with the sun setting in the west and large
mountain tops creating an amphitheater for us to sail in. Sunday night we spent
in Thunder Bay. Next morning we got underway around 0830hrs and again found a
great breeze which allowed us to set every sail we have, all topsails and
fisherman staysail were flying as we sailed past Powell River on our way north.
As the tide was not the best for playing on the beach at Savary Island we
continued north to Teakerne Arm, a favorite stop for everyone. At the head of
Teakerne Arm  is Cassel Lake which empties into the arm by way of Cassel
Lake Falls. Both the lake and the falls are wonderfully warm. On arrival we
enjoyed swimming off the boat and today ( Tuesday) we have all visited the lake
and falls to enjoy the warm fresh water. Later today we will head south back to
Savary to make use of the low tide tommorrow. Savary is a jewel of an island
with friendly people and acres of white sand beaches, a great spot for some
challenging beach soccer. All are well and becomming closer each day as a group.
Last night we had a great group discussion on Identity and how we define
ourselves. There was good participation and

Clear and warm
July 22nd 2010 @ 15:30
49°7'30.00 N 123°45'36.00 W

Ship's Log:
Our plans for Savary could not have unfolded any better. Arriving on the beach at 0930hrs we marched to the south side of the island and enjoyed a very low tide, perfect for our game of soccer. After the game everyone kept busy with the frisbee, volley ball and foot ball. Some went swimming in the warm water as it began to flood in over the warm sand. With a short visit to the island store for sustenance (candy) our anchor was up by 1330hrs and after a short motor south we again enjoyed a great sail running before a light north wind. Our anchorage for the night was in Quarry Bay on Nelson Island. The weather channel was promising strong nothwest winds in the morning so we were in a great position to make use of them. We awoke this morning to northwest winds of 20 to 30 kts, an ideal wind for us. Sail was up by 0900hrs and we headed south under clear skies and a boisterous sea. We have just anchored inside the Gulf Islands near Gabriola Island. What a day! Broad reaching all day at speeds between 8 and 10 kts. This type of sailing is the Graceīs favorite. You can feel the shoulder of the boat dig in and surge ahead in the swell created by the strong northerly wind. Everyone was giddy with excitement as the boat raced southwards. Today is boat Sunday so we will finish the day with roast beef, mashed potatoes and a Sunday service later in the evening. All are doing very well together and have developed into a strong united group. What a thrill it is to watch this process.

Partly cloudy with a light south wind
July 24th 2010 @ 08:30
48°53'17.88 N 123°29'16.80 W

Ship's Log:
Once again clear and warm. Boat Sunday dinner went well at our quiet anchorage near the north end of Pylades Channel. We had Sunday service on deck as the sun was setting. Yesterday was our sleep in day so bodies did not stir until 0900hrs which was when our bosun, second mate and volunteer had breakfast ready. These three had decided to give the cook the morning off. They did a masterful job preparing pancakes, hash browns, sausages and plenty of whipped cream and other delicious toppings. With breakfast finished we set sail and began a lazy sail south slowly making our way closer to Victoria. We anchored for the evening at Walkers Hook on Saltspring Islandīs east coast. Two swims berore supper and agin we enjoyed a spectacular sunset as mugup games began. Today we will make our way down to the Chatham Island area so that we are within range of Victoria for the tenth day. Secret Friends are busy making thier final gifts and getting ready to reveal the secrets tonight at mugup. Tonight is also our talent night so for the last couple of days we have seen hints of different acts taking shape  in advance. Most are already lamenting the fact that we only have a limited time left together, a good sign.

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