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Pacific Grace 2009 - Trip 5

Log of Pacific Grace

August 19th 2009 @ 22:06
49°12'6.12 N 126°13'37.20 W

Heading 300°
Speed 6.5

Ship's Log:
All went well with boarding today and we slipped our lines at 1600hrs and began our trip northward to the Brooks Peninsula where sandy beaches, beachcombing and isolation awaits us. One hour after leaving Ucluelet we were treated to a thrilling whale show with four Humpbacks making an appearance. One small calf was breaching constantly within 500 meters of the Grace and we could clearly watch the playful behavior from the deck. Both seas and wind are quite calm so we have elected to push north to our favorite section of Vancouver Island an area known as Checleset Bay which lies just south of the Brooks Penn. If all goes well we should be anchoring near 1200hrs tomorrow. We do have some "upset tummies" tonight due to the ever present Pacific roll. But all are well and excited to be underway.

Clear and calm
August 20th 2009 @ 22:17
50°8'8.52 N 127°41'9.60 W

Ship's Log:
We did take advantage of the calm weather through the night and continued to run north. At about 0600hrs a lovely southerly breeze came up and alowed us to continue on our way under sail. Later in the morning as the wind began to fall light we slowed to an ideal trolling speed so over went the fishing lines. Our efforts were rewarded a bit later when we caught 4 large cod, enough to feed everyone. Shortly after fishing and a few more whale shows we arrived at our anchorage for the night, inside Jacobson Point on Brooks Peninsula. All went ashore for a beach walk and shower in the nearby waterfall. Back on board and after a great mug-up all are on their way to a good nights sleep enjoying our calm anchorage. 

Calm, overcast with drizzle
August 21st 2009 @ 22:10
50°7'2.28 N 127°36'28.80 W

Ship's Log:
Another great day today. We met the Swift in the early afternoon for a picnic dinner on the beach. We had the famous Paella bake complete with fresh fish caught yesterday. All gathered on the beach to make the two fires, one for cooking and one for providing coals to the cooking fire. While the Paella was being prepared another team was building a sauna a bit further down the beach. With the 48 inch Paella pan simmering well, Greek salad and hot dogs with fresh buns were set out to augment the dinner. Shortly after the meal, rocks for the sauna were placed on the fire and all those who were interested had the chance for two great runs at the sauna. It was made large enough for about 25 people and after the hot rocks were loaded into the 3 buckets and spaced evenly down the center of the tent everyone loaded in. Once all openings were closed water was dribbled onto the hot rocks creating the desired steam. Inside the sauna the steam was so thick that you could not see the person sitting next to you. As soon as every person was sufficiently "poached" a chant was started and all blasted out of the tent and ran down the beach to jump into the ocean. Very invigorating. Our day together was a great success. Mugup was aboard the Grace with both everyone from both boats singing together. Close to 80 people busting out with all their favorite tunes. All are well and already you can see this group growing stronger together.

Overcast with periodic drizzle
August 22nd 2009 @ 23:00
49°50'32.28 N 127°2'16.80 W

Ship's Log:
With the forecast calling for some SE winds in the next couple of days we decided to head south and make use of the calm weather. Leaving our anchorage at 0900hrs we made our way through the Barrier Group, a rock pile that lies off of the Kyuqout area south of the Brooks Peninsula. While passing by a productive fishing hole we sent the lines over the side and in less than 10 minutes had a beautiful salmon on board. Lucia was the proud trainee that landed the fish, (her first) and it is presently being smoked in the Grace´s smoker and should be ready by tomorrow morning. For a great portion of our "roll" down the coast we were treated to some wonderful fiddle music by Emma. Out on the wide Pacific her fiddle and classical tunes were the "icing on the cake". After entering Esperanza Inlet we set sail and practiced the fine art of drift sailing as the wind was very light. We are anchored in an area called the Rolling Roadstead and there is just enough motion to sooth us all asleep. NW wind is forecast for tomorrow so our goal is to sail down the coast towards Hotsprings Cove for a hot bath in the natural springs. All are well.

Overcast and calm
August 23rd 2009 @ 22:15
49°28'22.44 N 126°25'33.60 W

Ship's Log:
Today began with everyone enjoying our fruits from the sea . We pulled the prawn trap that was set just before anchoring last night and found enough prawns for all to have a taste along with the smoked salmon that was ready mid-morning. A full smoker was gone in minutes as everyone devoured the delicious fish. Brined in brown sugar,salt,pepper and dried garlic it is then smoked for 3-4 hours and continues to dry for another 6. It really is a special treat. Shortly after leaving Esperanza Inlet our long awaited NW wind arrived so we immediately set sail. We set all the sail we had save the jib Tops´l and spent the next 8 hours sailing down towards Estevan Light just north of Hot Springs Cove. As we made our way into Hesquiat Hrb. The wind increased enough for us to be charging along at over 8 kts with the scuppers awash. As we approach our anchorage for the night the wind calmed a bit and we anchored under sail (with no engine) in front of Cougar Annies Garden. Today we again enjoyed Emma playing fiddle tunes as we made our way south under sail with everything set. Tonight at anchor the stars are shinning brightly through a completely clear sky. On deck the sea is calm and you can hear the Mackerel jumping all around the boat. Quite a setting.

Calm and clear
August 24th 2009 @ 22:00
49°21'31.68 N 126°15'36.00 W

Ship's Log:
Today started with a visit to Cougar Annie´s garden. Peter the caretaker and his friend Barry gave us a great tour of the area. It was the first time we had met Barry and he had many new stories of Annie that we all enjoyed. Stories of murdered husbands, Cougars and mice in the stew pot. After our garden tour we made our way to Hotsprings Cove which lies two hours further south. Once dinner was finished everyone enjoyed the peaceful walk through the forest to the springs. As darkness fell we enjoyed the hot soothing waters while watching the Pacific swells rise and fall on the rocks below the pools. Our walk back to the boat after a soak in the springs is always magical with the dark quiet forest and silver boardwalk just visible in the half light of dusk. Back on the boat the consensus was for a quiet mellow evening chatting and enjoying each other´s company in the hold.

Overcast with light rain
August 25th 2009 @ 10:20
48°52'14.52 N 125°19'19.20 W

Ship's Log:
Today was our hot springs ´sleep in´ day. After one more visit to the springs at 0700hrs everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast of crepes complete with whipped cream and fruit at 0930hrs. Most of today was spent working our way down to the Broken Islands through the two to three meter swell and calm winds. Entering this group of islands is a breathtaking experience. Jagged rocks inundated with the large Pacific swell makes for an awe inspiring ride. Anchoring just before dinner we then settled in for our ´Boat Sunday´ dinner of roast beef. Sunday service was held on deck under the stars with the near by sea lion colony chiming in on some of the tunes. Tomorrow we will enter the Strait of Juan de Fuca and reluctantly leave the west coast behind.

clear, calm, spectacular
August 26th 2009 @ 22:15
48°33'23.40 N 124°27'50.40 W

Ship's Log:
Another day moving south along Vancouver Island toward the opening of Juan de Fuca Strait. We entered the strait at 1300hrs and had a short sail before entering Port San Juan a large natural harbour most people know as the Port Renfrew area. We anchored in time to get out the barbeque and have a great dinner of hamburgers. Quite a sight flipping burgers for 40 people as the sport fisherman drive by stretching their necks to see what´s cooking. Tomorrow we will make the final long leg of this journey and round Race Rocks sometime in the late afternoon so we are able to reach Victoria on time Friday morning. All are well and already feeling that the trip is ending too quickly. Strong relationships are being formed and the group as a whole has remained as one unit throughout the trip. It will be hard for everyone to leave.

Clear sky calm wind.
August 27th 2009 @ 23:05
48°20'12.84 N 123°32'56.40 W

Ship's Log:
Our last long leg down the Strait was
uneventful. Light winds, no whales and no Albatross. Leaving Port San Juan at
0830hrs we motored 6 hrs. to Pedder Bay just north of Race rocks. We anchored at
1530hrs and set up the Grace´s impressive rope swing. Set from the gaff two
thirds the way up the main mast a line hangs down to a departure point on the
port light box. Once committed the swinger fly´s out over the water to a landing
spot 10 feet behind the stern. With the water temperature as it is swimming back
to the boat´s ladder is usually done in record time. Almost everyone had a try
at the swing. Following supper we launched into our usual "Talent Show" that
rounds out the end of the trip. There were many varied acts ranging from solo
singing, kung fu fighting, Poi swinging, violin solo´s and swing dance
performances. You have vary talented children. One last extra long mug-up
and some hang out time on deck brought us to almost midnight. Tomorrow at
breakfast the watches will have a time of edification during their
last meal as a watch. During this time the whole watch takes turns edifying
and appreciating each member of the watch. The person being edified is only
allowed to say "thank you". It can be a powerful time for everyone
involved. It is wonderful to see these young people supporting each other in
this way. We have had a great trip together and have enjoyed each other´s
company a great deal. Tomorrow will be tough as we say goodbye. Thank you
again parents for lending us your children they are full of life. A parting
word for our trainees... "Opa!!!!!!" ( they will

Clear, starry and cool.

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