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Trip 4 2007 - Pacific Swift

Log of Pacific Swift

August 7th 2007 @ 11:30
50°43'0.12 N 127°28'58.80 W

Ship's Log:
Note: Updates from Pacific Swift will be less frequent during summer trips 4 and 5. The updates require cell phone coverage, which is inconsistent on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

August 15th 2007 @ 16:30
48°55'0.12 N 125°22'58.80 W

Ship's Log:
Day 1: Leaving Port Hardy with 28 new trainees we encountered two humpback whales, in Bolinas Channel crossing Melwiddy Bar. Some of the trainees felt some early sea sickness that built into the night as we rounded the northern tip of Cape Scott. We ran through the night with a brief sail under courses.
Day 2: Arriving mid-morning in Quatsino Sound we dropped anchor in North Harbour among many inquisitive sea otters. After lunch we embarked on a dory expedition to Grant Bay, hiking through marsh and forest to the beach on the outside. Forward watch was treated to a dory sail on the way back to the Swift.
Day 3: Motoring south to Quatsino anchorage, the winds still too light for us to set sail. We took advantage of a shore trip to have a swim and a shower in a cascading waterfall and all hands helped build a sauna on the beach. This was the first time we had not been accompanied by admiring onlookers to our anchorage this season.
Day 4: The winds finally arrived from the northwest and we set our squares, the main and main top and miraculously caught a salmon traveling at 5.5 knots. Our broad reach took us to the south end of Brooks Peninsula where we found a magical beach to go ashore, dorys surfing in under the sun. We built a fire out of beautiful cedar, split fresh by Matt the Bosun and were treated to hot dogs and fresh salmon over the fire. This is our first glimpse of puffins in the area as well.
Day 5: First order of business this morning is a stop in fishing grounds south of Brooks where Liam, Skipper, Matt the Bosun, Luke Caelan and Liz caught nine fish in one hour providing dinner for everyone. Liz, one of the trainees cleaned all nine fish with a smile on her face. This same day we encountered sunfish, porpoise, humpbacks and a shark on our way south to Kayuquot channel where a small pod of transient orcas greeted us at our anchorage at Rugged point, breaching the surface and entertaining all hands during dinner. Earlier this same day we ahd a grand game of soccer, and our wonderful bosunīs mate Kira finished painting the cockpit.

Day 6
Most of day six was spent motoring south. Humpback whales appeared almost every hour. On our way to Ucluelet inlet we set full sail and jibbed several times on our way into Mary Basin through a narrow channel. All hands were ready on deck as we anchored under sail. The last sail training lessons were finished, preparing trainees for thei junior and intermediate tests in the days to come. Fresh corn bread and chili from Andreaīs galley provided the fuel for tonightīs game, affectionately called "Sarahīs lost her marbles."

Day 7
We sailed south from Mary Basin under squares, main and main top. The sun was warm and bright as we anchored in Hesquiat Harbour for the evening. Day 7 is traditionally boat Sunday and we enjoyed a service on deck ending under a sky crossed with shooting stars.

Day 8
We went ashore to Cougar Annieīs Garden for a lesson and history and how hard the rugged West Coast can be. The afternoon held our intermediate test and more oil and varnish for the bosuns. Late afternoon we traveled South across Hesquiat to Hot Springs Cove swallowing dinner in a dew short gulps We spent the rest of the evening soaking and smiling in the natural Hot Springs over looking the sun set on the water. The half hour hike with our wrinkled feet was rewarded by Andrea with vanilla steamed milk, chocolate brownies and the rare break from night watch as we stayed at the dock.

Day 9
We began the day with Drew and forward watch shipping our lines at 6 am for the long run South to Barclay Sound. Humpback Whales once again kept us company as we cruzed past the majestic beaches of Pacific Rim National Park. We are presently located at 48 degrees 55.04N, 125 degrees 23.23 W on a beam reach under full sail, and as I write this I am eating balls of cookie dough I stole from our assistant cook, Robyn. Please forgive the lack of correspondence through the course of the trip. We have been out of phone range and could not relay our logs to the office.

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