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Trip 2 2007 - Pacific Swift

Log of Pacific Swift

July 12th 2007 @ 09:40
48°25'55.92 N 123°22'12.00 W

Ship's Log:
Pacific Swift will start Trip 2 on July 12, 2007, from Ship Point Wharf in Victoria, BC, CANADA

July 13th 2007 @ 09:01
49°40'0.12 N 124°16'58.80 W

Heading 305°
Speed 7.5

Ship's Log:
Set full sail outside of Victoria Harbour, sailed for 2 hours, until the wind died. We were motoring until 0130 am today, then set sail, making 8.5 knots until the wind died again. At 0600 this morning, we have been proceeding under power, heading up Malaspina Strait toward Savory Island where we anticipate going ashore and playing on the beach this afternoon. Everyone is well, a little sleepy after the nightīs run. All hands are doing great.

humid, lightning srikes, warm
July 16th 2007 @ 09:34
50°2'60.00 N 124°52'1.20 W

Heading 140°
Speed 6

Ship's Log:
Anchored in Teakerne Arm last night. Great sail yesterday. Trainees are well, we are all coming together as a crew, enjoying the sunshine & waterfalls. Going to explore Hernando Island today, and will be heading out of Desolation Sound tomorrow, into the Strait of Georgia.

clear, sunny warm
July 17th 2007 @ 07:00
49°57'0.00 N 124°43'1.20 W

Heading 115°
Speed 6

Ship's Log:
Everyone is well.

July 18th 2007 @ 08:40
49°19'0.12 N 124°7'58.80 W

Heading 90°
Speed 5

Ship's Log:
We had a safe passage from Desolation Sound to Hornby Island, where we had a nice sail and anchored under sail in Tribune Bay. This morning we weighed anchor at 0400 to head south for the Gulf Islands and we are now sailing south past Nanaimo. All hands are well, having enjoyed a delicious roast beef supper last night.

overcast, cool
July 20th 2007 @ 11:30
48°25'55.92 N 123°22'12.00 W

Ship's Log:
Pacific Swift has completed Trip 2 on July 20, 2007, and is currently at Ship Point Wharf in Victoria, BC, CANADA

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