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Trip 1 2007 - Pacific Swift

Log of Pacific Swift

June 29th 2007 @ 08:00
48°25'55.92 N 123°22'12.00 W

Ship's Log:
Pacific Swift will start Trip 1 on June 29, 2007, from Ship Point Wharf in Victoria, BC, CANADA

July 3rd 2007 @ 17:00
50°7'59.88 N 125°5'60.00 W

Heading 120°
Speed 2

Ship's Log:
Having a fantastic time, good sailing everyday, arrived in Desolation Sound Saturday afternoon after a good sailing trip up Malaspina Strait. All hands working well together. Trainees involved in all aspects of shipboard life from scraping to furling topsails. Trainees enjoyed swimming in fresh water lakes, and a refreshing shower in the Castle Lake waterfall. We will be Anchoring in Drew Harbour tonight and heading for Hornby Island tomorrow.

clearing, sunny, warm, still breeze
July 4th 2007 @ 08:54
49°47'60.00 N 124°52'58.80 W

Heading 125°
Speed 4.5

Ship's Log:
Weighed anchor at 0345 this morning, beautiful sunrise. Woke all hands at 0630, set full sail, and are sailing south to Hornby Island for fun on the beach this afternoon. All hands sleepy but well. Everyone is enjoying the chance to stretch out in the sun again!

sunny, clear, warm
July 4th 2007 @ 16:47
49°31'0.12 N 124°37'1.20 W

Ship's Log:
On shore playing on beach, looking forward to a roast beef dinner tonight. Heading to Gulf Islands south tomorrow.

hot & sunny
July 5th 2007 @ 08:52
49°27'0.00 N 124°28'58.80 W

Heading 100°
Speed 6

Ship's Log:
All hands enjoyed fantastic day at the beach in Tribune Bay yesterday followed by a delicious roast beef dinner. We had a beautiful sunset Sunday service last night and were up again at 0630 today. We set full sail and are sailing south down the strait of Georgia, heading for the Gulf Islands. Trainees will be performing written exams for junior and intermediate certificates today.

clear, sunny, warm, 2ft seas
July 6th 2007 @ 09:43
48°46'0.12 N 123°5'60.00 W

Ship's Log:
Enjoyed wonderful 12 hour sail down the Strait of Georgia yesterday, making up to 8 knots, sailing a total of 70 miles. Nice hot weather, anchored at 2300 hours in Narvaez Bay, on the south end of Saturna Island. Trainees are writing intermediate exams, and those who successfully completed junior exams are going ashore. We are heading south towards Victoria mid-day.

clear, sunny
July 7th 2007 @ 11:38
48°25'55.92 N 123°22'12.00 W

Ship's Log:
Pacific Swift has completed Trip 1 and is at Ship Point Wharf in Victoria, BC, CANADA

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