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Decoding AIS Data
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Category: Bosunīs Log

July 20th, 2007
For the last month or so I have been scouring the Internet trying to figure out how to decode the encoded data that comprises the AIS messages in NMEA format - I finally figured out how to do it......
Add AJAX to the mix
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Category: Bosunīs Log

October 16th, 2007
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) has been around for a while now and Iīve decided that there is finally enough browser support to start integrating it into my XDe web module set. That and my main development serverīs HD choosing to stop spinning has made the last week interesting!...
Fun With Weather
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Sample Composite Weather Result Page

Category: Bosunīs Log

January 1st, 2008
I feel a bit like Iīm in grade 5 again - For my holiday project I did... But thatīs basically what this was - a holiday project to build a better weather reporting system for my web pages - and thatīs exactly what I think Iīve managed to do......

wooden boats
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