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The Ultimate Home Movie System
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Our HD70 Projector

Category: Bosunīs Log

February 18th, 2007
A while back I reported on our new HD70 home theatre projector. Since then we have been working to create the best possible home theater that we can. The latest efforts surround the screen and we have been experimenting to find the best projection screen solution for our system......
Algae Drunkenness
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Category: Bosunīs Log

February 17th, 2007
Some of the attempts of spammers to get past my spam filters are fairly oblique. Today, one that did get through had the subject "Algae Drunkenness" This lead me to begin to think of what exactly drunk algae would do, that is once I got past the chuckle of how algae would get drunk in the first place......
Construction Overlow Error
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Category: Bosunīs Log

February 15th, 2007
I wonder what life would be like if other industries expressed errors and mistakes in the same way that software does - for example our new patio doors that were cut to the wrong length for the jam - is this an Overflow Error? or perhaps just a Type Mismatch?...
Tags: home
Now Weīre Spoiled
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Optoma HD70

Category: Bosunīs Log

January 18th, 2007
While it may be a bit late - it was worth the wait. Back in November Kellei and I decided to combine our resources and jointly get each-other a single Christmas Present rather then going to individual route. We chose to get a new projector and retire our TV. It arrived Yesterday!...
The Unexpected
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The House Fire - shortly after my arrival

Category: Bosunīs Log

August 25th, 2005
I was going to write about 60tn certifications - but given what has happened in my backyard - I think I will permit myself a short departure into what, for me, has been a somewhat surreal occurance - my house (not my home) caught fire....
Tags: home fire

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