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July 21st 2024 - 08:54
December 26th, 2005
December 26th, 2005

Itīs Over!

We use a fake one - but the imagry was perfect.
We use a fake one - but the imagry was perfect.
Well another year, another fun-filled holiday with too much food, sore legs from the work, and a smile on everyoneīs face...

We had a blast this year - the first time we hosted a big family (and extended guest) Christmas dinner. All totaled 18 people were over for a propper sit-down dinner. As usual there were a few disasters (like one of the two turkeyīs not being done on time) etc... but everyone had a great time and ate far too much. Leftovers now loom every time the fridge door hinges open (which is fine for me since I love them!)

Today weīre off to my momīs place for a "completely non-Christmas meal: Chili" which she figured everyone would really appreciate after so much festive fare.

Kellei and I have already started Back into work somewhat but are still a bit tuckered and sore from yesterdayīs events (and the ensuing cleaning job) but all is well and we are looking Forward to a movie this evening (having received the super-extended all-in Lord Of The Rings DVD set for christmas!)

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