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July 21st 2024 - 09:01
December 5th, 2005
December 5th, 2005

SAR Module 1.0

A sample Report from the SAR Module
A sample Report from the SAR Module
I started this About 10 months ago - basically because something was needed. Currently the CCGA was filling out a paper form after every SAR mission and after each training run - which got faxed to the office and then was entered into a database by the already overworked office staff or volunteer management team members - I simply couldnīt stand by and watch this type of antiquated system - when I knew it would be straightforward to build an online system to do it all.

Well, straightforward it may have been but 10,000 Lines of code later it still hasnīt got all the bells and whistles it could have eventually - but itīs already got what it takes to blow the old system out of the water...

Oh so Iīm tooting my own horn here (perhaps getting my lingo ready for a press release a bit later on - whatever - itīs been a blast and now that the reporting is Starting to come out of it (I typed in all the reports for our unit from the last 24 months) some interesting stats are beginning to show up.

For example - our unit never gets called out on a Monday - I dunno why - we just donīt - it Wed. that you need to look out for - with nearly 1/2 of all our calls being on a Wed - go figure.

The best part is that it should speed up everything. Now after the Coxswain enters the details of the mission or exercise - itīs in the system - thatīs it. No retyping by anyone. All that needs to happen is the various approvals run their Course (based on a user defined workflow of Course) and once that is done it done. Reporting is instant and available as soon as the report has been entered.

I wish I could show give you a live link to it - but itīs all security restricted - that may change once more data is input and we can generate some stats that the Manager of SAR Ops deems to be public. In any regard - it needs more polish - but apart from that Iīm looking Forward to seeing what it looks like once all the units start entering their reports this way.

This seems to be all I talk About - Iīm doing other things of Course - but this one just happens to be the most fun!

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Incident Frequency Graphs
Incident Frequency Graphs

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