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July 20th 2024 - 02:10
November 28th, 2005
November 28th, 2005


Snow is rare in BC
Snow is rare in BC
When it does snow in my neck of the woods one can typically expect it to say on the ground from 12-24 hours before it melts (even 12 hours is a long time usually) as our snow is typically large and wet and the temperatures just barely cold enough to allow it at all.

Yesterday we got our first snow for the season (I say "first" but quite often we donīt get any) and it was as expected - large flakes, some almost 2" across, and not really sticking to much as it was just cold enough.

Kellei, Wyatt, and I immediately ran outside for our morning forest walk. Usually we finish breakfast etc before - but considering the spectical we rushed out straight away.

Wyatt has seen snow before - but itīs funny to watch him - he reacts to it like more of an annoyance then anything else - big snowflakes hitting him on the Head incited reactions similar to some kind of annoying fly. But as it is with all dogs in the snow, he certainly didnīt mind all the smells snow seems to trap - and galomphed off merrily sniffing away like some kind of living hover.

It was a glorious walk and no sooner had we returned home did the snow stop. Ah well - we can always hope for more :)

PS: The photo was taken last winter in January during another bit of a cold snap where we managed to get out on the CCGA Boat to enjoy it.

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