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July 20th 2024 - 03:16
November 22nd, 2005
November 22nd, 2005

FOG Training

Thick Fog
Thick Fog
It was a fairly long day yesterday, but a good one. I left Victoria a bit late after my 0800h meeting went About 1.5h longer then I thought ;) (it was good though) however it made me just miss the 1100h ferry (they actually told me at the ticket booth that if I had been there 30sec earlier I would have made it - now thatīs just cruel) So it was the 1300h ferry for me and after a 2 hour wait I finally set off for Vancouver. Then, a huge accident on the upper levels slowed things down getting to the other ferry and I was left with the 1730 which departed late due to the fog - so, I ended up 15 mins late for the training meeting - but I got there!

It went well and my crew decided to take a turn on the Boat after the meeting - I was already pretty tired - but any opportunity to go out I usually accept - so off we went. Near zero visibility and dark - perfect conditions for an electronic nav run. It worked out excellent for everyone - Kellei was at the Helm going out and my other crew member Rob ran the Navs. I wanted them to try and run the show themselves so that they could really experience the "ultimate" in restricted visibility. They swapped roles when we reached the Port lateral Buoy that we were Heading for. It went very well and we were out and Back without any serious Navigation issues cropping up.

That said, we didnīt get Back until after midnight - so today Iīm a bit groggy - but Iīm hanging in there and getting Back into the swing of things - work wise.

I havenīt forgot that I promised to write more About the ARTE Course - and Iīll do that coming up in the subsiquent days.

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