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July 20th 2024 - 03:17
October 27th, 2005
October 27th, 2005

Finally a day for Work

Recent Project: New design template for Knowbetterdogfood.com
Recent Project: New design template for Knowbetterdogfood.com
I spent today working - sound typical right? wrong.

I have loads of work to do - but often I spend much of the day on the phone talking About work, answering emails About work, and then fit in a bit of pressing volunteer commitments in the evening - without actually getting much work done.

Today was awesome! I got up at 4am and have been working until now - and it feels great! That said, Iīm now Starting to get to that "fitting-in" portion of the day getting some more work in on the quiz module that will be used by the Coast Guard and several schools to create on-line polls, tests, and practice quizzes.

Altogether much better then yesterday that was almost entirely spent fighting a major fire with my backup module that was imploding bigtime with the huge database from one of my customers - I think I finally have that fixed (fhew!)

Anyway - my orals are looming, the ARTE Course is just around the corner from that, Kellei wants to run a first aid refresher and Iīm by no means done with work - I love my life!

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