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July 20th 2024 - 02:17
September 29th, 2005
September 29th, 2005

Bluenose II

ISAR 2005 Pacific Team - Sailing Trip
ISAR 2005 Pacific Team - Sailing Trip
We had a great flight down and fell instantly to sleep after some search to locate the hotel. Weīre staying at the Park Place Ramada Plaza Hotel in Dartmouth - I donīt recommend it (unless you like being nickle and dimed to death) Which is part of the reason for no blog yesterday (they wanted $10/day for load of the wireless card - no thanks) I went out today and bought a wireless card for $30 instead.

Anyway - we made our way south stopping in Mahon Bay (where we met two Auxiliarists with a fantastic Schooner model) enroute to Lunenburg NS for our sailing trip Aboard Bluenose II - I brought greetings from everyone at SALTS and the master and crew of Bluenose II wished to send the same Back to everyone at SALTS! It was a glorious sunny day - but unfortunately only About 10knts of wind - so we didnīt really get a "real" Sail in - it was still fun to have done - and especially good to share that with Kellei and the team - Kellei especially for me (obviously) as I yabber About sailing all the time and she had never had the chance to try a tall Ship before!

we even manage to persuade the master to allow us down Below for a quick virtual tour - Iīll get that posted when I get home after ISAR.

After the it was Back to Dartmouth stopping at The Shore Club for a lobster supper and an allround good time.

We all got the giggles on the way Back from that - as Shawn drove us around Halifax for a brief night tour and we kept missing exits on the HWY - we were all sore from laughing so hard.

I should be able to keep on with this now - Iīll try to add more as soon as the team selections are done tonight and I actually know who is on my team.

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Now thatīs a model!
Now thatīs a model!
Lobster Supper
Lobster Supper

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