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July 20th 2024 - 03:39
July 6th, 2009
July 6th, 2009

Which OS - My MS Muddle

XP64, Vista, or wait for Windows 7 - trying to unravel the OS arena

In my ongoing quest to get more performance out of my system, and thus more productivity for my day-to-day existence Iīm Starting to bat around what will be my next operating system choice. As much as I complain About Micro$oft I know it will be some form of windows - the only question now is... which one!

If XP would give me access to 8 or 12 GB of RAM I probably wouldnīt upgrade at all - but that is the driver for me. More memory = more performance and being limited to 3Gb is just not cutting it anymore. The problem is where to go with that. Xp 64 Bit? Vista (eek) or wait for Windows 7. The Current hype is all Windows 7, for obvious reasons, but following Micr$oftīs usual process most things probably wonīt work very well under a new OS until at least SP1 and/or until the individual vendors update their packages for it. All this assumes that Win7 even gets released on time - something MS has never done before.

Vista - well we all know itīs a messy thing - some stuff works some doesnīt so Win7 already sounds better then that - but what About XP 64bit - this is the odd duck - it could give me that extra RAM boots Iīm hungry for, but tons of drivers are missing so it may not be any better then the other two...

<big sigh/>

I donīt really think I am reaching any conclusions here, reading through heaps of speculation and confusion - all I know is Iīll need to do something soon - the main question, is what.

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wooden boats
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