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July 20th 2024 - 02:18
August 19th, 2008
August 19th, 2008

More on AIS

AIS Receiver
AIS Receiver
Over the weekend I finally got my Java based AIS decoder software working and have started to post technical details on my AIS information pages for the benefit of others looking to accomplish similar tasks.

The system Iīm building will allow multiple remote receivers to be positioned and send their NMEA AIS data directly over the internet to a central server that receives and decodes the data passing it along to a master database where a second layer tracks ships of interest and records their positions and route details over time.

The most difficult part of all this apart from locating suitable hardware was figuring out the AIS message structure without shelling out big bucks for the standard. It took some time but I have finally managed to sort it out and have been updating my information page About Marine AIS to Ease the pain of others. So far I have all the message types listed and will work to identify each message type structure as time goes on - but to start the three key position reporting messages are described as a start.

Eventually I hope to implement the system on this web siteīs vessel tracking system to give Current vessel positions in the area my receiver can see (Straight of Georgia British Columbia) and perhaps position other receivers in the future as well.

Iīll keep you posted as development continues.

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