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July 20th 2024 - 03:02
June 9th, 2008
June 9th, 2008

Firefox 3 and Languages

Been working on the back-end of all my web sites again in earnest lately - largely in the vein of translations and multilingual compatibility. At the same time Iīm now using the Release Candidate 2 of Firefox 3 as my primary browser and loving every minute of it!

The language thing is fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Especially Microsoftīs non-standard character sets that constantly cause problems when people try to copy and paste things. But, despite that, itīs going well and especially the french translations are well over 1000 words and phrases now.

Iīve also souped up the code for a lot of the modules and everything is running faster and more efficiently.

As for testing all this - Iīm using the latest build of Firefox 3 which is an absolute dream - itīs much faster and uses far less memory then the previous FF which was already loads better then Internet Exploder. FFīs speed is not on par with Opera and with all itīs extensions itīs a dream to work with now.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone in the mood to give it a try - you wonīt be disappointed!

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