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July 21st 2024 - 10:01
August 21st, 2007
August 21st, 2007

Robertson II Aground - Latest

This is the closing text at the end of the most recent update to my running article on the grounding of the Robertson II Back on July 1st. The news from this past weekend got me thinking and I though I would post it to my main blog as well as just the article for a change. If you havenīt read the article or have been keeping up with the story - you may want to do that first to get your bearings.

In reading some of the articles I guess I have one thought Iīm going to put Forward. There has been a lot of call in some of the articles for more reef markers, stating that this reef wasnīt marked well enough and the grounding could have been prevented... We need to face the fact that it is impossible both logistically and financially to mark every reef on the BC Coast with a physical structure. Most coast communities have at least one unmarked reef that claims vessels every year. This reef was clearly charted as are the majority of them and that will have to suffice. Even the most experienced professional mariners end up Aground sometimes, for whatever reason. Perhaps this is just another of the many really good lessons to all of us who ply the waters to keep an even tighter grip on our charts while underway. The Robby is still teaching - right up until the end. This time, as for many of us from her past days with SALTS, she is teaching About safe boating - perhaps the best way to honour her last memory is for all of the mariners out there who see her and read her tale to pause and consider their vessel, their safety equipment, and their training. Perhaps take a safe boating Course or update your charts. Sometimes we can all grow through adversity and disappointment.

The Robertson II was old and tired Back in 2002 when I last saw her up close, and while a fresh young vessel may have been able to withstand this whole ordeal, Iīm not surprised that is has been too much for her. I think everyone that gave their all and tried to save her deserve a heartfelt thanks. You didnīt fail, you gave it your best shot - and that is the most anyone can ever ask of anyone else, itīs also the most you can ask from yourself.

Asleep on the jumbo boom
Asleep on the jumbo boom
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