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July 21st 2024 - 10:20
September 12th, 2005
September 12th, 2005

Chartwork for breakfast

Dining/Chart Table
Dining/Chart Table
It feels almost to the point where I could start counting down the hours to the exam on Thursday (but Iīm not that obsessed - yet) I was a little disappointed with the "Deluxe" parallel rules set I got - finding out only after I received it that the rulers are only 15" long (good rules should be 18") - ah well - I have my old 18" set which I will take to the exam as well.

I think prep is going well - although itīs hard to tell. This is one of the most unusual experiences, in terms of exam taking, Iīve ever had - because I donīt really know if what Iīm studying is on the exam or not. All I have to work with is material from 2 courses dating Back to the 70īs or 80īs respectively - and neither is titled exactly "60tn Master" - so Iīm a bit in the dark. Also, all the friends I have that have taken the cert did so by taking the Course - and so never needed to take this exam at all...

Donīt worry - Iīll be sure to post info for anyone else looking to take a similar road concerning exactly what to expect and how best to study - look for that one on Friday! ;)

Finally, the web stats - I have it running here as I mentioned before and as the stats roll in some items are interesting. Some predictable things - like the Gallery and Glossary being the two top areas - but others unexpected such as the number of people reading (but not posting to) the forum - several hundred / day. Also, About 1/3 of all bosunsmate.org users are browsing the site with something other then Internet Exploder - which is nice to see (being a firefox user myself)!

Iīll keep an eye on the stats as the sample grows and see what other little gems emerge.

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